Mansi Shah, RPT


Mansi Shah, RPT

Physical Therapist

Mansi has worked as a Physical Therapist in various capacities such as Hospitals, Home Health Care and Multi-specialty physical therapy clinics. She has experience working with a wide spectrum of patientssuch as pediatric, adult and geriatric. She took very challenging and fast-paced roles, such as PT in Cardio-Pulmonary Rehabilitation and Post Orthopedic Surgical Management with orthopedic surgeons.
Treatment Philosophy:
An effective treatment should incorporate excellent interpersonal skills with proficiency in patient assessment, time management and therapy-program design/execution. Mansi believes that despite her extensive foundational education and self-confidence, she can only serve best with well sustainability against mental and physical stress. Being a part of multidisciplinary case-management team; Mansi is sincerely committed to delivering quality care and thus achieving superior outcomes to her patients. Accomplishments and Interests: Mansi has attended several conferences to increase her clinical skills and knowledge regarding Vestibular Rehabilitation and participated in a workshop for “Stroke Rehabilitation Task Oriented Approach”. She conducted educational outreach group exercise programs focused in fitness and posture and arranged physical play activities for paraplegic patients to boost up their self-independency and confidence.


Bachelor Degree in Physiotherapy (B.P.T.) – India (2008)


Certified course in Manual Therapy in a Clinical Reasoning Perspective

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